Course Costs

We are very aware of the current financially challenging times and our aim at ‘Clinical Training Limited’ is to provide and deliver cost effective training and development, keeping the course costs low providing equitability and access to all health care professionals.

Our company remains committed to improving the quality of patient care through educating and developing our health care professionals and maintaining the quality and standard of our courses.
All training sessions are delivered by specialist trainers focusing on the requirements of nurses and national priorities. To have your say and ensure your training needs are addressed please complete our training needs questionnaire and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Full days course
£145 (excluding VAT)
(9.30am – 4.30pm)

Half day course
£60 (excluding VAT) Cervical Cytology Updates ONLY
£85 (excluding VAT)
(9am - 12.30pm or 1pm - 4.30pm)

Other courses
Introduction of Cervical Cytology New Skills Training – £350 (excluding VAT)
​Two Day HCA Ear Syringing Course – £455 (excluding VAT)
Sexual Reproductive Health Essentials - £185 (excluding VAT)

In-house or Bespoke courses
1   ​  Cervical Cytology Updates,
2     First Aid.
3.    CPR and Anaphylaxis.
4.    Mental Health.

Contact us for details and prices.

  • All courses must be paid for before the event
Method of payment:
  • By electronic bank transfer
  • By cheque