Introduction Courses for Nurses & HCAs

All our Introduction courses are designed to support clinicians in the work place.

May 2019

BP & ECG Workshop

Wednesday 15, May

Ear Syringing Introduction/Update

This course is only an introduction for Nurses, however HCAs can attend provided it is as an update and they have previously undertaken the 2 day Ear Syringing for HCAs course (Not necessarily with Clinical Training.
Friday 17, May

June 2019

Mental Health Awareness & Mental Health First Aid

This course explores the need for Mental Health first Aid in general and in the workplace, identifying mental health conditions, starting conversations and providing advice on how and where to go to get further help. It will also discuss disorders including PTSD, self harm, suicide, eating disorders, personality disorders, anxiety and psychosis.
Wednesday 5, Jun
0930 - 1630

Undertaking Health Checks

This course is designed to support nurses and HCAs to promote healthy living. How fluid, nutrition, weight, exercise, cholesterol, smoking and blood pressure has an impact on lifestyle.
Wednesday 12, Jun

Menopause Introduction

Tuesday 25, Jun

Minor Illness Consultation Skills

Friday 28, Jun

July 2019

Cancer a Long Term Condition - a guide for General Practice

The Venue will change.
Wednesday 3, Jul

Venepuncture Introduction

This course covers theory and a practical session. It includes anatomy, physiology, consent, accountability, health & safety/infection control and how to take a sample and the relevance of blood tests being requested.
Wednesday 3, Jul

Basic Wound Care

Wednesday 17, Jul

November 2019

Minor Illness Consultation Skills

Friday 8, Nov