Courses for HCAs Only

Our introductory courses for Health Care Assisstants require competencies to be completed. These not only re-enforce learning but also ensure that a good standard of practice has been reached. Competencies should be kept within a portfolio which all HCAs are encouraged to keep as evidence.

November 2019

2 Day Ear Syringing for HCA's

This 2 Day HCA course aims to provide the student with the knowledge to carry out safe otoscopy ans recognise common ear problems. It will also provide the student with underpinning knowledge to carry out safe ear irrigation. Priorto arrending the course, students are encouraged to 'brush up' their knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the ear. A pre-course pack aims to provide some information about the course and useful preparatory reading. All students MUST have their mentor acconpany them on Day1.
Day 1
Friday 15, Nov
Day 2
Friday 22, Nov
0930 - 1630