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February 2021

Cervical Screening Introduction, New Skills

This course includes Pre-course reading, 2 core days that is a balance of theory and clinical skills, department visits, in-house clinical placement with a mentor and final assessment undertaken by Clinical Training Limited. The assessor will undertake two visits. If additional visits are required due to an inability of the student/Nurse to achieve the required number of samples or complete all aspects of the course requirements, there will be an extra charge to be met by the Surgery/Practice. The assessment includes: - 85% pass is required of multi-choice exam prior to allocation to clinical placement - Evidence based portfolio – all students are required to submit an evidence based portfolio with the student’s completed competencies, audit and visits
Day 1
Wednesday 3, Feb
0930 - 1630
Day 2
Thursday 4, Feb
0930 - 1630

Cervical Screening Update

Friday 5, Feb
0930 - 1230

April 2021

Covid Introduction

Wednesday 21, Apr
0930 - 1230